Frequently Asked Questions


      What is Agency Compile?

      Agency Compile is a website for marketers and advertisers looking to find and learn more about agencies – locations, size, capabilities, creative, clients, and more.

      What is Compiled and how can I get added to the mailing list?

      Compiled is a daily email featuring creative, cases and news from the industry’s leading agencies. You can subscribe here.



      How do I add my agency to Compile?

      Create a profile here and check out the features of our basic or enhanced profiles to determine which is right for you.

      When I try to reset my password, I receive a message saying my email doesn’t exist…

      Your email may not be associated with your agency’s account. Contact us and we’ll provide you with a temporary password. You can then log in and reset to a password of your choosing.

      How do I reset my password?

      Just click forgot password on the login page and you’ll get an email prompting you to reset. If you receive an error that your password doesn’t exist, contact us and we’ll reset for you.

      How do I add more users to my agency’s profile?

      First, log in. Then select “account” in the upper right corner of your dashboard and click “add.” Fill out the new user info and save.

      My agency has multiple offices, should we create a profile for each office?

      If your offices pitch together, we recommend creating one profile for all. If you pitch independently, create a profile for each office and include each office’s location in the name. For example, Your Agency Name—Boston, Your Agency Name—New York.

      If you’re creating multiple profiles, contact us and we can create a single login to make updating easier.

      How many cases and pieces of creative can I add to my agency’s profile?

      No limit! Give us everything you’ve got!

      How do I add Featured Content to my agency’s profile?

      Check out the video below.

      Can I use my agency’s blog posts as news?

      100% yes.

      How is content ordered after selecting featured content?

      After you choose your featured creative and cases, your additional content is included in the order it was uploaded.

      Should I include content from past clients?

      Yes! Marketers and consultants want to see prior work as well. Just be sure to include the end date when adding past clients.

      What are the technical specs when updating my profile?

      We support many different types of media. Check out our technical specs here.

      What will I see on my agency profile’s analytics page?

      You’ll see page views, which can be sorted by year, month, week and day; a geographic heat map; and your profile’s most popular pages.

      What will I find in my inbox?

      Your inbox is where we get in touch about new features and other exciting Compile news. If you have an enhanced profile, your inbox is where you can get in touch with Pile consultants using Pile Post.

      What is Pile Post?

      From new business wins to campaign launches, Pile Post is your guaranteed way to get your agency news in front of Pile consultants. But not so fast! In order to send your most important updates directly to the Pile team, you’ll have to have an enhanced or premium profile.

      I have confidential work I want Pile consultants to see, but can’t post publicly. What do I do?

      You’re in luck! Creative and cases can be uploaded privately for Pile eyes only. Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

      How do I get my agency featured on the homepage?

      The creative on the homepage pulls at random from enhanced profiles. Our featured profiles are the five most trafficked agencies for the month. Keep your agency’s profile current and next month it could be you!

      Do you pick the content on the agency creative and agency news tabs?

      Nope! Our creative and news discovery tabs pull from recently uploaded creative and news, so update your agency’s profile early and often!

Videos by Will Truslow