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  • Coca-Cola Company
  • Netflix
  • Nestle Brands
  • Purell
  • Highmark Health
  • Food Lion
  • Smithfield
  • The UPS Store
  • Harman/JBL
  • Serta



  • David DeMuth Global President/CEO Bio
    David has been with Doner for over 20 years. During that time, David has held leadership roles in account management, strategic planning and integration, business development and general management. Today, David leads the agency as the president, co-CEO and chairman, overseeing over 650 employees based in offices in Detroit, Atlanta, Cleveland, Los Angeles and London.

    David is a hands-on, face-to-face, “walk around” leader. It’s for this reason that Doner’s business model is fully integrated, has no silos and is driven by “collaborative creativity.” Every department within Doner collaborates on the inception of an idea to its final production and analysis. This integration has not only helped generate better ideas, it’s helped Doner grow its analytics group and has resulted in Doner having the largest multi-platform post-production facility in Michigan, driving speed and efficiency for clients.

    It’s no surprise that David is fascinated with transactional marketing. It’s something that started in his first job working in the produce aisle of a local grocery store. And today, David still has that same passion for his clients’ businesses. It’s also why David consults with CMOs and CEOs of Doner clients on a regular basis.
  • Eric Weisberg Global Chief Creative Officer Bio
    Weisberg joins Doner following 15 years with JWT New York, most recently serving as global executive creative director. While with JWT, he helped established the agency’s first fully integrated creative group and led creative on accounts including Johnson & Johnson, the agency’s largest client, KPMG, Nestlé, Northwell Health and Wild Turkey. Prior to joining JWT in 2001, Weisberg spent three years as a creative with Leo Burnett, a year as a senior copywriter with Saatchi & Saatchi and ten months as an associate creative director with K2 Digital.
  • Craig Conrad Chief Marketing Officer Bio
    Every great team has the player who makes everyone else better – that’s Craig Conrad. It started when he walked onto the Miami University hockey team and it continues today every time he walks into a conference room.

    As Doner’s Chief Account Leadership Officer, Craig touches every account and supports team members at every level. His work ethic is indefatigable and his personality is unflappable.

    Craig has led accounts in every category from automotive to healthcare to retail to packaged goods. He has experience working with Direct Energy and DOW Solar, and also helped launch the Chevy Volt, which had electronic infrastructure implications.

    An avid sports enthusiast, Craig stays busy playing ice hockey (very well) and golf (not so well), along with mountain biking and running. He and his wife live in Northville and are active sports parents to their two future college athletes.
  • Todd Yerman SVP, Director of Business Development Bio
    Todd believes success comes from standing out, not fitting in. And as one of Doner's chief business development guys, part of his job is to ensure the agency stands out as well.

    But contrary to what you might assume, he's more focused on adding value than selling you something. From the strategic to the tactical, Todd's focused on helping clients stand out - and grow their bottom line. That's been his MO for 18 years in the industry, working on behalf of brands big and small.

    This tendency to garner attention extends beyond his career as well. He proudly flies the Ohio State University flag on his home just outside Ann Arbor, Michigan. His neighbors hate him. He waves at them, smiling.



Our philosophy is a principle that speaks to our entire self-concept as an agency. IDEAS THAT MOVE PEOPLE. Our definition of successful work, is work that not only inspires people, but incites them to action; to do things that lead to commercial and cultural wins for the client’s brand, whether tweeting, posting, sharing, opting in, downloading, shopping, transacting, etc. Successful campaigns advance a powerful “brand narrative” for the long term, while driving action in the immediate term. We seek out unique intersections of culture, commerce and consumer life and turn them into Ideas That Move People. We’re an extremely collaborative yet diverse team that thrives on dissecting business challenges and turning them into opportunities that inspire action. We believe technology is not king in our industry. Craft is. An online campaign cannot be just interactive and funny; it has to be gorgeous. A banner cannot just be clever; it has to have beautiful typography. The copy on a Facebook post has to be rewritten 10 times until it is catchy and clever. The photos we use on our ads have to be good enough to make you want to lick the screen on your brand new retina display iPad. We strive to create beautiful, seamless human experiences not siloed marketing campaigns or tactics. We love ideas that start a movement. We love ideas that are both culturally and commercially vital. Most of all, we love ideas that make people fall in love with our clients.